Snippet #The Boundaries of Love

He saw her there, a sheen of sweat glistening in the moonlight. Her dark hair hanging down her back pooling onto the rigid rocks below her. He knew he shouldn’t be watching but when he heard her breathy sighs and low, glutteral moans he simply couldn’t help himself. With a hand that was flushing just like the rest of his body he gently shifted the foliage from in front of his face. She was like an Angel, rising to Heaven on the fingers of the breeze; every flutter of the leaves was another kiss to her neck, the roaring silence praises to her beauty and pleasure. As she rose higher and higher her back arched more, she tipped her head back and gave a melodic hum which crescendoed into an echoing gasp. Slowly the woman unfurled her fingers from the rock she had been gripping so tightly. Then man swore he heard her whimper, whether in pain or delight he could not be sure, as she rolled off the rock and onto the leafy forest floor.
‘When will you let me join you?’ He heard rather than saw the tears that had gathered in her eyes. ‘Please, I miss you so much.’
The young woman remained in her position, face up on the ground. Her eyes never once flickering away from the Moon which was watching her from above. Suddenly the man felt a shift in the air, stillness replaced the slight disturbance of the breeze.
‘In August we’ll be together again. Until then we can dance at dawn and dusk, always seeing but never getting to touch.’ The voice was scarcely more than a whisper, yet the mellow sound soothed the figure on the floor.
‘Now, it’s time for you to rise and for me to fade away.’ The instruction was gentle, yet the woman made no movement. ‘Come now Sun, for when you arrive the day will have begun.’
The man knew by now that he really shouldn’t have seen all that he had, but still he couldn’t convince himself to leave. He was startled out of his musings by the woman rising, her long hair and body began to glow gold. Suddenly she disappeared in a flash of light, just as the first few rays of dawn appeared in the East. The man looked around, trying to find any trace of the woman but there was none.
‘I think,’ he whispered to himself ‘that I must forget this ever happened. No one would ever believe me if I said I’d seen the Sun and Moon making love in Half-Way Wood.’ He shook his head and slowly ambled away, maybe it was just a dream, or maybe he was going mad. Yet even years later he couldn’t forget the longing he had felt and he became glad that he could be with his love, and so he chased the light forever.

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