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I love English Language and Literature, literally they are my life, I study them at the University of Chichester, where I hope to eventually earn a degree in both. I want to be a Secondary School English teacher, as I was inspired by two magnificent men who were, and remain to this day my favourite teachers. Also I happen to have a thing for older guys, especially Chris Pine and Bruce Greenwood 💕.


Dull and throbbing,
It’s the old wound again,
Wrapped up in blankets
And good wishes.
It appears the headache is back.



Don’t go without
Saying goodbye,
Don’t go without
A big fight,
A kiss, a caress
And something with bite.
Never let the passion
Die in your eyes,
Nor the grin fade
From your face. Let life
Leave you vibrant
And not dull.
Live and let die,
But don’t die already dead.