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I love English Language and Literature, literally they are my life, I study them at the University of Chichester, where I hope to eventually earn a degree in both. I want to be a Secondary School English teacher, as I was inspired by two magnificent men who were, and remain to this day my favourite teachers. Also I happen to have a thing for older guys, especially Chris Pine and Bruce Greenwood šŸ’•.


You took my happy days
And made them sad.
You took my smiles
And turned them into tears.
Now mascara is cascading
Down my face, long black
Streaks of bitterness and sadness.
All because of you.
I didn’t ask for life,
I didn’t ask for this
Or for you. Yet this is my lot,
My cross to carry. And now
I’m beginning to buckle
Under the weight of it,
One tear at a time.