Making Memories

13C/Eu1 thank you for the best years of my life (sad as it sounds!) I love each and every one of you, even the (ever so slightly) annoying people like Dan Day…nah, I’m kidding, you aren’t annoying, well not unbearably so ;)😘.

Here are all of your names (and no, the order in which you appear has absolutely nothing to do with how much I love you all or who I prefer):

Catrina Bennet-Jane
Beth Green
Sabrina Chapman
Rachel Isted
Dan Day
Thomas Attfield
Cian Gallagher
James Mahoney
Sam Chandler
Ryan Stevens
Mrs Caswell

Once again thank you for the best times, cheers to having made the best memories with you guys!

*cue tears and hysterical-ness because I don’t want to have to live without any of you in my life!*

Your beauty is from within, it shines from
Your eyes like the sun in the sky, a halo rests
Above your sun kissed hair, endearing angel that’s
What you are, radiating kindness and bringing a
Glow to the room. Lovely Catrina, a shimmering
Light of brilliance in a grey world.
(Don’t forget to keep me up to date, I won’t forget to keep you up to date, it seems to be our thing 😂)

It would be fair to say that never did we laugh more
Than when you and Rachel were at your witty
Banter, the verbal word play! You are our Queen Beth,
Ruling over us all, a commanding voice with a wicked
Wit. When someone looks into your face the happiness
Is clear to see, as that smile breaks into a grin,
Yeah that’s certainly true merriment, the kind
That is only seen when hearts are at joyous peace.
(Who ever thought that after all these years we would still know each other, it’s been quite a while huh? :))

My protégée, quite a lady you’ve turned out to be, still
Governed by impulsive moments but true to your
Heart and kind beyond belief. You are a wonderful
Woman Sabrina, made to be as cherished as you make
Others feel! A beautiful little laugh that
People cannot help but smile at, made to be
Admired. Trust that you are a
Lady, I could say it once, twice, three times to
You, believe it and then you know it’s true.
(I promised you once to turn you into a lady, I agreed because unlike you I knew that you were one already, trust me Sabrina, I’m right in this! ☺️)

An ethereal beauty, you seem almost to be mythical,
Certainly there is something more to you than
Can be seen. Perhaps it is that intelligence, which like a
Diamond in the light shines brilliantly.
Or maybe it’s that sprinkling of humour
That is a wonder to behold, who knew what witty comments
We’re just waiting to be unfolded and released
Into the world? It is pretty amusing to see, it affirms
That you are Miss Jones’ girl.
(I hope you think this is ok, you always seem to support my creativity heaven knows why! 😄 yeah, definitely going to miss you)

I would say you are a knight in shining armour but
That wouldn’t be quite right, you are far more like
The reckless but polite villain who steals hearts
Like a thief in the night…you surprise people day
By day, respecting everyone else, even if that includes
A little verbal play, you deserve to be loved simply
Because you are you, never stop being lovely, never
Stop being you.
(I never thought we’d be friends, I assumed you wouldn’t even know I existed, so I’m thrilled we are friends in the end, and actually I’m going to miss you dreadfully!)

The kindest person in the world, you shower love on
Friends and youngsters alike, regardless of anything
And promising to help them with any plight.
A heart big enough to shelter the world, honestly there
Isn’t a limit to how thoughtful you can be, you will
Be truly successful when you become a teacher, just
You wait and see. Such wonderful character and brilliant
Love can never go unseen, keep being you, sweet and
(Oh Tom, how long have we known each other? How much have we been through by each other’s sides as friends? Keep in contact, you are the better one of the two of us, and always will be in the end)

A complex riddle of ideas, thoughts and feelings,
I wonder how you keep it all in! Always well meaning and
Never harsh, it’s curious just how much gentleness can
Be poured out from your heart with more still there
To give…like a diamond in the rough you are
Totally true to yourself, happy and talented at
Making others feel marvellous, stay as you are, dedicated
And deserving.
(It’s been lovely getting to know what a wonderful person you are Cian, keep doing what makes you happy, and if life gets you down, well ask for a Limerick they are quite amusing)

It’s hard to know where to start, somewhere around
Cheekiness and a whole lot of laughter, who knew that
You were so funny, that there’s a whole world inside
Of you where wonderful things happen and dreams come
True? A strength of character, much like that of
Thor, keep on believing in yourself and you can
Achieve everything you want and more! Continue to
Make people laugh, that is your best quality, well that
And your sweet attempts at taking control…
(Lit and Lang with me, lucky you 😌, the only sad thing is it means that I’m going to miss you double, keep telling jokes and being you…P.S try to stay out of trouble with those jokes you make)

Beneath that layer of calm humour languishes inside,
Wrapped in wisdom you are seldom wrong, especially
When side be side with your comic double James. Such
A sweet-tempered man, who understands most things without
Them needed to be spoken aloud, seriousness mingled
With humour, it’s a joy to hear that laugh, keep smiling
And being happy, you deserve a life of happiness that will
Last and last and last.
(You’re always going to be Mr Gerald Croft in my mind, from year 11 English lessons, I find it amusing that we’ve had English lessons together for 4ish years now…crazy huh?)

Seeing the interactions between you and the others, it’s
Amusing because it’s the few times you drop the
Covers of peace which reveals the merriment and
Sarcasm that is lingering underneath. Providing an
Atmosphere of life for the class, you provide the spark,
We are at the mercy of your mood which is seldom ever dark,
Keep on smiling and spreading good cheer, it is guaranteed to
Be a good lesson if you are there.
(Seven years, that’s how long we’ve know each other, and you know what you’re still as surprising, you manage to prove me wrong quite often)

Mrs Caswell:
You lead us in our learning, gently sewing
The seeds of knowledge, with all the patience
Of a saint you water our mind, then you get to
See the flowers start to grow. So wonderfully
Kind, we can all see the determination and
Drive that makes you such a brilliant teacher,
Now it is up to us to make you proud, we hope
We can make this year a good harvest.
(Thank you for being the best teacher that we could wish for, you’ve done wonders with us)

So here we are, all of us on the last page,
It’s time for new volumes to be written now,
New characters to be met, plot lines must
Thicken. Write a good story, be sensational.


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