They say tomorrow
Is a brand new day,
But what if it never comes,
What if when the sun
Goes away the moon rules
Forever, so why do tomorrow
What can be done today?
Tomorrow is a whole dream away.



You know nothing
Of my darkness,
The endless years
Of loneliness,
The hatred in the mirror
And demons behind closed doors.
You think I am as I seem:
Whole and serene.
But I’m not, I’m broken
And scarred beyond
Your wildest prejudiced dreams.

You don’t know me,
So here’s my life on a page,
And in this world of misery
And false hope, no one
Can hear you scream.


Until the fire
Is forged the clay
Cannot be set,
Only flames can lick
At these wounds
To heal them,
Only heat and rage
Can burn hot enough
To make strong
That what was once weak.
Alas, the wood is still
Being gathered,
But soon enough the fire
Will be smouldering.