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How I’m really feeling right now

No one ever told me
That life would be this lonely,
That the rain outside
Is nothing compared to the tears
That fall from my eyes,
That the lightning that breaks
Through the darkness
Is nothing compared to the cracks
In my heart. No one ever told
Me that life would be so sad,
That I’d start to rot from within.
That I’d start to hate myself.

But then I suppose I was naive.
Too young to realise that my dream
Could only ever be that,
A dream.
I come from a broken family,
A rundown, poor town.
I found my Mother after she’d tried
To commit suicide, called an ambulance
And helped get her back on her feet again.
I lived off food from relatives
And food banks. I buried my baby
Brother after he’d been born dead.
I tried to escape but wound
Up more trapped than ever before,
Crawling back pitifully.

And now I’m alone again,
And it really hurts.
I just don’t see the point
If all this, it never can get
Better. I’m just not good enough.
Everything is so shit,
And I’m almost out of fucks
To give. I’m done.



Nothing can hide
The pain as it streaks
Down your face,
Nothing can dim
The harsh shadows
Of sadness in your eyes.
What once was alight
With love and laughter,
Is now awash with sorrow
And hurt. They leave
Trails that mark,
Yet they are the start
Of a path to healing.
So let them out,
Don’t keep them in.
For tears are a physical
Way of healing.


They fall unknown by you from your eyes,
Those beautiful brown orbs are now
Watery, rimmed with sadness, a tiredness
And exasperation that is being washed
Away by sorrowful tears.

They are perfect little droplets, falling
For imperfect reason, hurt transformed
Into being. Sweet salty tears, rolling away
From the pain, sometimes the release is
Needed, it is better to let go than hold on.

They are crystal, diamond drops of emotion,
Rawness straight from your soul, for what
Are eyes but the window to the soul?
They come from deep within, too primal to
Be repressed, to many to be kept in.

Let the river flow,
Let the tears go.


They hurt without meaning to, these
Little gems, they are formed in love and
Released by sadness, they are an outlet for
Fear, a celebration for happiness and pain
For the hopeful dreamer.

Rolling away, creating a path of sorrow, they
Fall and that’s the end. They are the river of hope.
The life that once flashed in your eyes, becomes
Over time, a well and once all those tears have
Fallen the well becomes dry. The dreams and wishes
Simply die with those tears.

It hurts so much to shed the tears, they are more
Than water, the very essence of our being, they are
What we desperately desire. If they fall in sadness
Then hearts will fall too, if they are symbols of
Success then hearts will soar…

Oh take mercy, take pity please! Who ever knew that
Tears could hurt like this?

When will they stop?