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A place where the grass
Was greyer, and the sky
Completed doomed,
Where neither grasshopper
Nor tick could survive.
A land of water and boggy
Mud, they drowned, they bled
And sacrificed their lives.
We shall remember the horror
Of those wars, not romanticise
It. For war is a bloody
Business and makes even the toughest
Man cry, for the alternative
To living is dying…and for so many,
That was preferable.


Wear it Well

I would send you
To the very gates of Hell,
But Darlin’ you wear pain
So well.

Those red lines
Embedded in your eyes,
Those bitten down lips
And voice exhausted from sighs.
Tears rolling down cheeks
Leaving glistening streaks,
You’re left weak.

I would send you
To the very gates of Hell,
But Darlin’ you wear pain
So well.

Flattened finger nails,
Chipped and worn.
All dressed in black
To show your pain,
The burning sun making
You red again.
You’re in your own Hell,
Golly don’t you wear it well?


It is better to feel
Than it is to be numb,
Better to know pain and loss,
Experience suffering
Than it is to feel nothing.
Tears will dry
And cracks will heal,
But emptiness and nothingness
Is harder to deal with.
So please forgive my tears,
Nurse your own tender hearts.
And know that I will still
Be here tomorrow with open arms.

Nonsense #43

I don’t want to live forever,
Could you imagine the loneliness?
The emptiness? The fear
When everything else ends?
All that fire and death.
I’d never choose that.
Instead I’ll live for now,
Find love where hope springs
In the hearts of others.
Rebuild walls that get crumbled,
Offer consolation where pain lays,
And hope that one day someone
Will do the same for me.
As much as I love life
I know it must end.