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Happiness is a talent,
Or so I’ve been told.
But it’s not a gift
That I have, I wear
Sadness like a second skin,
Always there and always clinging.
Fearful of joy
Due to its short shelf life,
Scared of anything other
Than sorrow, which I adore
In its simplicity.
Maybe I’m not meant to grin
And beam, perhaps I’m made
To grimace and give just tiny smiles,
And I think I’m ok with that.
Just let me ponder it awhile.



Smile with me
Because the sun is bright,
Smile with me
Because I’m feeling alright.

Let’s dance, let’s sing,
This is a wonderful thing.
Years of hard work-
Results starting to roll
In, and my that’s a beautiful
Thing. So smile dear,
Yes that’s right!
Smile away, and let’s dance
All night!


I’ve been so happy
But now I feel sad,
I feel alive
And I am glad,
Yet I’m dead inside
And tormented.
So many smiles,
Now all tears.
So much tenderness,
Now all fears.



I’ve never been happier
Yet I’ve never been so alone.
I’ve never felt stronger
Yet never have my walls been so weak.

I smile so much more now
But I cry myself to sleep.
I do more, think more and create more
But no one is interested.

Always an introvert,
Never one for a party.
Always there to depend upon,
Never dependant, not anymore at least.

Prepared to give out hugs,
Do I ever get one back?

Is this what being deprived
Of affection feels like?
I think so.



Some believe in fate,
Others believe in luck.
And what’s left? Those
Who think that every action
Has a reaction.

But right now I don’t
Care what you choose to
Follow, all I know
Is that I’ve had so much luck!
I’ve done a lot and there’s
Still more to do,
Before I go I’d like to wish
Some good fortune to you!


Hopeless Devotion

I wouldn’t say hopelessly devoted,
For that would imply that I
Loved you and only you,
But that’s not true.
Well yes I do love you,
But I am devoted to other
Things too. Yet still I remain
In love with you. So I’ll call
This a hopeless devotion
And devote this poem to you.



I watched the sun go down
Tonight and thought of happy
Memories, and do you know something,
They were all of your smile.
I think of you as the sun
Sets, all orange and gold,
Layer upon layer of love, of life.
I can hear your laugh on the wind
And your smile in the spreading rays,
And I think I miss you more
With each passing day.
But still I enjoy the sunset,
For it is when I’m closest to you.


Here we are

Ah, here we are,
It is now time to fly,
No more procrastination
Because I have figured out why
I cry, I’ve found the root
Of my smiles, and I’m following
Them home. I will race down cobbled
Lanes of memories and past to find
The shining beacon that gives
Me bright eyes and a bushy tail,
To give me back my life,
My reason to be.
Here we are, and there’s me,
Striding into happiness as it was
Always meant to be!



Sometimes when sad times
Are rife, we must take a step
Back and smile. Stretch
Our lips into a grin
And fight against the grimness
That is within.

Even when luck is not
On your side, just remember
To keep that smile wide.



Even on rainy days the sun can shine,
A little patch of gold amongst
Skies of grey.

A little bit of good news, something merry
And bright, make the sad world seem
Better, and a little more right.

The rain doesn’t have to stop, the
Sadness may not come to an end,
Yet somehow the sun breaks through.