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You have no idea,
Not a single one.
This is bad
And so far from fun.
I want to hide
And become someone new,
But at the same time
I can’t bear to leave you.

Christmas will be shit
And filled with sorrow,
Empty prayers and people
That are hollow.
Useless little me,
How pathetic and alone,
All I dream of is a place
To call home.

So if you are happy
And of good cheer,
You are fortunate and I wish
You a Happy New Year.
But if like me
You find yourself full of woe,
Don’t dwell on others,
Just let it go.

And be broken
And free.


Love to

I love to run
The water until
It scolds me.

I love to hold
My breath until
The darkness claims me.

I love to watch
The day fade into
The night.

I love to watch
The barn owls
As they take flight.

I love to wish
On shooting stars until
I’m out of dreams.

I love to dream
Of everything
I can never have.

But I hate waking
Up to what I’ve got.
I hate the pain of water,
The blankness of death.
I hate to see time pass
And things end.

Yet somehow I love to exist.


Return to sleep poor
Deluded dears, the world
Is still dead and the Oceans
Are naught but our tears.

The jungles are gone,
No more open grassy greens,
Instead we have concrete
And what truly seems
To be Hell.

We pave over
Soil, cut down the trees,
Build on dry river beds
And ship animals overseas.

What madness is this,
That demands we be so foolish?
Now we are reaping the rewards,
And I have to say, it seems very ghoulish.

We’ve been here for mere minutes,
Time has no meaning,
We’ve damaged the Earth badly,
Can’t you hear her screaming?

How can we call ourselves Human
When we keep being so inhumane?
How can we keep on dreaming
Though the world is crying out in pain?

Fuck Off

I hate you.
You drive me like a slave,
Well not to death,
But tiredness and illness
Certainly, you pay me no
Wage, yet I must pay you
Three thousand pounds
A year at least.

You plague me with responsibility,
And children that are not
My own, they are yours
But they call me Mum now.
I hope it hurts you.

I hate you,
For what you have done
To me. I am broken and hurt,
And there is no one that I
Hate more than you,
Nothing more in the entire

I hope you enjoy this verse
For it is directed at you,
You have never been my Mother
And you will never be theirs.
You have made them mine
By shoving them on me.

Now we all hate you,
So just fuck off and leave
Us all be.


It bubbles and boils inside of
Frustrated minds, the red flush
From the Devil is a sure sign that
Something is going wrong, whether
Intentional or not the cause of such
Overwhelming dissatisfaction can
Only lead to one thing: emotional
Meltdown, when the anger spills over
The carefully constructed home for
All things bad, breaks through defences
Leaving destruction in its wake; Anger
There’s nothing like it.