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Perhaps you never heard
My cries, every night after
You and my mother split up.
They’d slip down my face
And litter my pillow,
A watery embrace was what sleep
Had become. I was only eleven,
A child in every way,
And yet I’d suffered more
In one day than I had
In a decade.

It made me grow,
Faster than I should have.
It made me wiser than my years,
For though I am now nearly twenty
I’ve cried enough tears and felt
Enough anguish to be nearly sixty.
How I wish I were younger
And more carefree. Oh how I wish
I had had the chance to find out
What it meant to be me.


Nonsense #14

It’s odd really
How we never forget.
You could ride a bike
For twenty years,
Then stop for twenty,
Yet still when you sit
On a bike you know how
To shift the gears.

How the land looks in the sun
After a winter of snow.
How love feels after a time
Of loss and sorrow.
How much it hurts
When things go wrong.
How much I dream of a world
That can never be real, that
It is tangible in sleep
But invisible in life,
I never forget how it goes,
I just hope that one day
It won’t feel so strange.


I watched the sun go down
Tonight and thought of happy
Memories, and do you know something,
They were all of your smile.
I think of you as the sun
Sets, all orange and gold,
Layer upon layer of love, of life.
I can hear your laugh on the wind
And your smile in the spreading rays,
And I think I miss you more
With each passing day.
But still I enjoy the sunset,
For it is when I’m closest to you.


They hold the key to my heart,
If I have memories with you then you
Have entry to my soul,
You are part of me and my love.

They are mostly golden,
Perhaps there are one or two I’d rather forget,
Yet if you are in my happy ones
Then there is hope for you still!

They are everything to me,
The present and future mean nothing
Without the joy of the past.

Nothing means more to me.

The Best Gift

The best gift given has
The warmest of golden glows,
Almost like sepia seeping from the
Corners of an old photograph.

It brings a tear to your eyes,
Makes them glisten like a leaf
With dew, a smile to your lips
Which easily eclipses sunrise.

It is clear, fresh as a new day,
Untrodden but well known, like
A path covered in snow.

The best gift that can be given
Is a well spent present, which
Then becomes a much loved past.
Memories with our friends, families
And lovers, those cherished little
Moments, they are the best gifts.

Night Terror (Unrequited Love)

It all starts when the sun goes down,
Strange feelings of sadness,
Of nostalgia, even when everyone else
Is milling around. The darkness brings
On a sepia roll in my head, memories
That break through the surface as I go to bed.

In my sleep the dreams start to rush,
I see his face, I remember my love, I am
Haunted by you, yet I cannot choose to be
Or not. It hurts when I wake, to feel the
Love and pain so fresh, when you didn’t,
When you couldn’t, when you wouldn’t
Return the love all so new in my mind.

I need to see you again please, you for
Some reason are my night terror, you
Plague my dreams and dampen my day thoughts.
I need to see you, I need to talk.