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To hear the birds singing
And flying in the sky,
The rustle of leaves
As a breeze passes by.
A thousand colourful buds
And blossoms bouncing
With glee, all those
Growing saplings becoming
Big trees. When I see all
This without a single cloud
In the powder blue sky,
I look around in wonder.
How amazing to be alive.


Nonsense #Ruined

The stars don’t shine as bright
As your sparkling eyes,
No pearls will ever match
The natural perfection of your smile.
No diamonds however large
Could rival your thoughts.
And nothing will ever be the same again,
Now I have seen you, heard you,
Felt you. Everything in nature
Is ruined, it is not as good
As you. You are natures
Most beautiful gift
And I bathe in your golden glow,
For all else is disintegrated to dust.


The hole is almost
Perfectly triangular,
A huge window in ice
That stands taller than
The city of concrete and glass.
And it’s all natural.
Or is it?

Smooth ledges strong enough
To take a lot of weight,
Never faltering
Never falling.
Is it real?

No prints in the snow,
No animal tracks or penguin
Slides though thousands
Pass through there,
Yet snow hasn’t fallen
For quite some months,
It still seems fresh and new.

Maybe it isn’t real,
Not natural at all.
To see such startling purity
Makes me wonder if Magic
Is real.


I want nothing more than
To take a stroll in the ever
Cooling sunlight, to hear
The crunching of fallen leaves,
Feel the sharpness of Autumn
In the air, maybe even the
Touch of rain as it flies
To the ground.

I see warm woolly jumpers
Everywhere, comfortable mittens
On chilly hands, if I listen
Closely I can almost hear
The children trick or treating,
Almost envisage the joy and sorrow
Of Halloween.

How I love October!