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It seemed so dark,
And far too still.
The world had stopped turning,
The air stopped moving,
My heart baring beating,
I saw it.
Looming and ghastly,
Terrifying yet plain.
How can I say it?
It was like being in hell
Again, but I’ll never
Ever forget the pain.


Night Terror

The air assaulted the bare
Skin, it struck deep wounds
Into the warmth. The cold chased
Away the safety, the happiness.
Goose bumps rose, hairs stood
To attention, the blood ran
A little faster and became
A little thinner. The last screams
Were drowned out by the quiet
Gasps of reality.

Nothing is more terrifying
Than seeing the hellish form
Of the future, especially not one
So grim.

So this is what they meant
By night terror.

Beautiful Nightmare

The horror crashed all around, as the storm swept
Violently past, nothing was safe, even the most stable
Of homes came tumbling down as the seeds of deceit summoned
The sweet karma to do the dirty work of truth.
Those poor cries still echo in the empty chambers
Of her heart, it wasn’t her fault, quite simply her world
Just fell apart. Even as she reconciles herself to her
Fate the love inside of her shines through, she
Allows peace to land on her lap, a beacon of hope that
Happiness will soon return. The storm quietens down, so
The work will soon begin, all too quickly the fire of life
That was within her is out, the up after the down, so that
Sad nightmare where everything when all bad became good was
Beautiful, it reunited the woman with herself, her true strength,
Story and desires.

Every once in a while it is necessary to see things crash, and
Burn in fire, then like a Phoenix beauty is built from
The ashes.