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How I’m really feeling right now

No one ever told me
That life would be this lonely,
That the rain outside
Is nothing compared to the tears
That fall from my eyes,
That the lightning that breaks
Through the darkness
Is nothing compared to the cracks
In my heart. No one ever told
Me that life would be so sad,
That I’d start to rot from within.
That I’d start to hate myself.

But then I suppose I was naive.
Too young to realise that my dream
Could only ever be that,
A dream.
I come from a broken family,
A rundown, poor town.
I found my Mother after she’d tried
To commit suicide, called an ambulance
And helped get her back on her feet again.
I lived off food from relatives
And food banks. I buried my baby
Brother after he’d been born dead.
I tried to escape but wound
Up more trapped than ever before,
Crawling back pitifully.

And now I’m alone again,
And it really hurts.
I just don’t see the point
If all this, it never can get
Better. I’m just not good enough.
Everything is so shit,
And I’m almost out of fucks
To give. I’m done.


Love’s Slave

I love him.
I love Him.
Oh no, what do I do?
Sweet man, my heart
Is occupied, so sad to be
Tormented by a love which
Is so true.

Kind man, funny man, a
Figure of fine poise, I love you
So much yet you know not:

‘Must I continue to struggle
In such vain? my heart is
Kept by you and nobody

Someday, maybe, I may move past
You, but not yet. the
Kindness of your brilliant grey-blue
Eyes bewitched me, and now I
Suffer loving you.’

You left me behind, with
No way to see you again, you
Left me a slave, never did
You release me. Now I am at
Love’s beck and call.


It breaks my heart each night, to
Think of any other woman holding you
Tight. It’s inconceivable that we
Could be together, yet my mind holds
On to what little hope there is for
Love to prevail.

I pray each day and night, that one day
You might find a space for me in you
Heart, as you occupy in mine.

God this hurts so much! I love you, and I
Fear that I will until I die! I cry each night
And I only have myself to blame for falling
In love with you. Please, please, love me too.

This hurts so much, this heartbreak.


Just five minutes alone, just me and
You, wrapped in a moment of sincere
Truth…one little cuddle, one free
Chat, wouldn’t that be lovely, one
Session like that? One final while
As a team, the two of us together in
A way that no one else can imagine. A
Short vision of love, radiating around
The room.

Please let us just have a bit of time, if
Only once more, I cannot bear to let you go
Until I’ve had enough to make my heart
Less sore…

Come Back…please

I do not know if you will
Even seen this, I really pray
That you do! The money may be
Worse, the spelling of the
Students beyond bad, but please
I beg, return. Not for my heart,
Which beats slower and with sadness
In its depth, come back because
Everything else is falling apart…
No respect, responsibility has
Flown the nest, so have you. Be
The saviour, save us all, you never
Know it might be a ball…I doubt it
But still, please come back, then
Perhaps this turbulant world will
Become hushed and normality,
Happiness can resume.