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A place where the grass
Was greyer, and the sky
Completed doomed,
Where neither grasshopper
Nor tick could survive.
A land of water and boggy
Mud, they drowned, they bled
And sacrificed their lives.
We shall remember the horror
Of those wars, not romanticise
It. For war is a bloody
Business and makes even the toughest
Man cry, for the alternative
To living is dying…and for so many,
That was preferable.



Memories fade but stories
Live on, even when the truth
Is lost we can still sing

For when the morning comes
And we arise, we must remember
That there are so many who
Will never rise and see a new

We think of them only once
A year, but they are dead
Every day of the year.

I try to remember them more,
And may they be remembered