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You have no idea,
Not a single one.
This is bad
And so far from fun.
I want to hide
And become someone new,
But at the same time
I can’t bear to leave you.

Christmas will be shit
And filled with sorrow,
Empty prayers and people
That are hollow.
Useless little me,
How pathetic and alone,
All I dream of is a place
To call home.

So if you are happy
And of good cheer,
You are fortunate and I wish
You a Happy New Year.
But if like me
You find yourself full of woe,
Don’t dwell on others,
Just let it go.

And be broken
And free.



You know nothing
Of my darkness,
The endless years
Of loneliness,
The hatred in the mirror
And demons behind closed doors.
You think I am as I seem:
Whole and serene.
But I’m not, I’m broken
And scarred beyond
Your wildest prejudiced dreams.

You don’t know me,
So here’s my life on a page,
And in this world of misery
And false hope, no one
Can hear you scream.


You know me better
Tha anyone else,
Perhaps even better
Than myself.
What to say to make me laugh,
How to react when I cry.
Make me stronger, faster,
Help me to fly
So much higher than before.
And now you are gone,
I miss you more than words
Can say, more than my heart
Can comprehend.
But at the end of the day,
You’ll always be my friend.



Happiness is fickle
And oh so fleeting,
Happiness is dreadful
And sinking.
Yet I long for it so much,
And as always it remains
Just out of touch.



My body is not me,
I am more than you see.
I am laughter,
I am tears,
A short temper
And big ears.
Though my hair is long
I could cut
It short.
Though I have eyes
I cannot see without glasses.

I am not the way I look,
And nor are you.
So please don’t judge me,
I am a soul, not a body.


That’s love?

I guess that’s love.
Blind stupidity,
Wasteful sacrifices
And a shit tonne of lies.
Grey days and tears nights,
Bellows of horror
And shrieks of terror,
Broken glasses
And smashed plates.
No friendship, just hate.

So, that’s love?



You make me sick.
You do no work
And demand all the glory,
Fight for life
Then ruin mine.
Shouting and screaming
Are your best weapons,
They cut through
My silence like a fist
Through curtains.
So fuck you
And your raging screams,
For while I’m nothing to you
I must remind you,
Not all is as it seems.



You took my happy days
And made them sad.
You took my smiles
And turned them into tears.
Now mascara is cascading
Down my face, long black
Streaks of bitterness and sadness.
All because of you.
I didn’t ask for life,
I didn’t ask for this
Or for you. Yet this is my lot,
My cross to carry. And now
I’m beginning to buckle
Under the weight of it,
One tear at a time.



I keep trying
So, so hard.
But it’s not enough,
It’s like I want to give up.
But I don’t.
So I try again,
Maybe this time I’ll manage it.


How I’m really feeling right now

No one ever told me
That life would be this lonely,
That the rain outside
Is nothing compared to the tears
That fall from my eyes,
That the lightning that breaks
Through the darkness
Is nothing compared to the cracks
In my heart. No one ever told
Me that life would be so sad,
That I’d start to rot from within.
That I’d start to hate myself.

But then I suppose I was naive.
Too young to realise that my dream
Could only ever be that,
A dream.
I come from a broken family,
A rundown, poor town.
I found my Mother after she’d tried
To commit suicide, called an ambulance
And helped get her back on her feet again.
I lived off food from relatives
And food banks. I buried my baby
Brother after he’d been born dead.
I tried to escape but wound
Up more trapped than ever before,
Crawling back pitifully.

And now I’m alone again,
And it really hurts.
I just don’t see the point
If all this, it never can get
Better. I’m just not good enough.
Everything is so shit,
And I’m almost out of fucks
To give. I’m done.