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How can I say hello
When so much has changed?
How can I still smile
When I’m not that girl anymore?

Time has left lines
Along my face, eyes that were full
If hope are dimmed
And lost beneath weariness.
A faltering twitch of lips
Is all that remains of happiness.
I’d give anything to laugh riotously
Again, anything to love
Freely and without fear.

I wish that girl,
The one I used to be,
Was here.
But she’s not and I am alone.
I can’t even pick up the phone
To say hello now.
Where has she gone?
Where have I gone?



It started out as a joke,
Incredulous. It’d never happen.
But it has.
They’ve weaved into my head,
These long silver threads
That come to life at the light
Of day. Grey amongst the brown,
Around my temple, around my crown.
Well shit.

(Side note- I’m 19 years old, a chestnut brunette and I’ve started going grey already. I’m actually distraught about it.)

Nonsense #Time

It continues to pass,
Oh too fast!
I swear yesterday
I was just sixteen,
Praying for a kiss
From the man I loved.
Now I’m nearly twenty,
Soon to be a teen no more.
Lonely and alone,
Longing for the love
Of a man who I’ve never
Even met, dreaming of a future
That can never be.
Am I crazy or is this just
How it is meant to be?
Maybe one day I’ll meet him
And it will all be worth it,
But somehow I doubt it.

I always desire the impossible,
That’s something that time
Has never changed.

Nonsense #35

If I had a time machine
I’d wind back the clock
Ten years or so,
And give little me some hope.
For dark days clouded
What should have been sunny
Years, storms tore apart
What should have been peaceful
Landscapes, so her little heart
Hardened until she loved no one
Anymore, not even herself, myself.
I wish I could turn back the clock,
Stop the rot of pain that stops
Me from feeling, if only
I had a time machine.

Nonsense #time

The bells are ringing in the distance,
A tolling tally of time,
The fear creeps ever near
That soon we’ll be out of time.
The trees haven’t yet grown
Their new leaves, only a few
Buds have begun to appear…
Time still passes, Spring is
Nearly gone but was it really here?
Time is starting to stretch
It’s ink and mark in onto my skin,
It seems in places it’s wearing
A little thin.

Still the bells are tolling,
And time is drawing in. Fear
Is rolling in, death ever approaching
As the sound screams of what once was.