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A place where the grass
Was greyer, and the sky
Completed doomed,
Where neither grasshopper
Nor tick could survive.
A land of water and boggy
Mud, they drowned, they bled
And sacrificed their lives.
We shall remember the horror
Of those wars, not romanticise
It. For war is a bloody
Business and makes even the toughest
Man cry, for the alternative
To living is dying…and for so many,
That was preferable.


War and Hatred

Call me when tomorrow comes,
For today hurts too much.
To tread on the broken shells
And see the corpses of children
Scattered on the ground,
To turn humans into weapons,
Brother against brother.
It is simply too much.
We are not bred for hatred,
Nor raised for War
But still the world is full
Of death and destruction.
Wake me tomorrow
When we are all at peace,
And happiness reigns surpreme.


It is so good, to be
Different, whether to be tall
Or perhaps short. Whether
Slim or not, to like or to
Hate, or just to not
Have an opinion. Difference is so good.

Difference is bad, it tears us apart.
It starts wars because of arguments
That breaks families apart.
It brings down walls, it brings down
Love, what is worse than difference?
If all were equal, if all was the same,
Then there’d be no war, because what
Is war but differences hidden behind
A name?