It’s completely impossible
Yet I can’t help
But hope, to dream
Of your tenderness
And kisses, oh such lingering
Kisses along my throat.
To want those eyes of green
Boring into mine,
Never faltering, never stopping
For the rest of time.
I want you,
I want you so much,
I yearn for you,
For your kisses and your touch.
But how impossible it is,
Still I hope and pray every night
That one day I’ll be proved right.


I want to turn back time
And take a few more chances,
To be less burdened
And more free,
More happy and less me.
I’ve made so many mistakes,
I’ve not even lived!
Now I’m stuck in this misery,
A grey fog that won’t lift.
What should I do?
All I want is to change the past,
But I can’t. I’m stuck here
And now, without hope
And without help.