You have no idea,
Not a single one.
This is bad
And so far from fun.
I want to hide
And become someone new,
But at the same time
I can’t bear to leave you.

Christmas will be shit
And filled with sorrow,
Empty prayers and people
That are hollow.
Useless little me,
How pathetic and alone,
All I dream of is a place
To call home.

So if you are happy
And of good cheer,
You are fortunate and I wish
You a Happy New Year.
But if like me
You find yourself full of woe,
Don’t dwell on others,
Just let it go.

And be broken
And free.



Joe, oh Joe.
The lover of life,
Strictly Come Dancing winner
And thrower of dice,
The winds are in your favour
So sail forth,
Follow your heart
And find your worth.
We love you,
We love you
Oh so much,
You brighten our lives
With just a touch
Of your charm,
Especially with Katya
On your arm!
A dancing duo
Like Ginger and Fred…
Enough of beautiful visions
And go to bed,
You must be exhausted!

Well done to both of you!


Grey skies are danced
away by sun rays,
The rain dried by the warm
breeze of hope, it is
Slowly spreading it’s love
throughout the land.
The clouds may be running
And the sky may be blue,
But there’s nothing to stop
Santa from being on his way to you!
The season is approaching,
A time of happiness and cheer.
Now watch the frost in mornings,
And coldness at night…Christmas
Is near!