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It seemed so dark,
And far too still.
The world had stopped turning,
The air stopped moving,
My heart baring beating,
I saw it.
Looming and ghastly,
Terrifying yet plain.
How can I say it?
It was like being in hell
Again, but I’ll never
Ever forget the pain.



Grey skies are danced
away by sun rays,
The rain dried by the warm
breeze of hope, it is
Slowly spreading it’s love
throughout the land.
The clouds may be running
And the sky may be blue,
But there’s nothing to stop
Santa from being on his way to you!
The season is approaching,
A time of happiness and cheer.
Now watch the frost in mornings,
And coldness at night…Christmas
Is near!


You know nothing
Of my darkness,
The endless years
Of loneliness,
The hatred in the mirror
And demons behind closed doors.
You think I am as I seem:
Whole and serene.
But I’m not, I’m broken
And scarred beyond
Your wildest prejudiced dreams.

You don’t know me,
So here’s my life on a page,
And in this world of misery
And false hope, no one
Can hear you scream.